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Franchise Buyer's Source is an independently owned franchise consulting service that will introduce you, a prospective franchisee, to a choice of franchises that best matches your interests and goals. We provide our services free of charge to you, because the multitude of franchisors that we represent are willing to absorb these costs, as they are well aware of the benefit of aligning themselves with candidates who have the qualifications, eagerness and passion to grow a successful business.

There are literally thousands of franchise opportunities and concepts out there, some old some new and many of them have a lot to offer but, those franchisees who stand the best chances of finding what they're looking for are those whose goals and lifestyles are aligned with a franchise that best suits them. Sifting through the enormous number of franchise options can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating. Not only does a franchise have to be right for you but, you have to be the right candidate for the franchisor. How many deals may have never happened due to lack of or miscommunication? How many great opportunities may be overlooked just because of a lack of understanding of the concept?

That's where we come in. Look, nobody has a crystal ball that can predict the future and guarantee you a 100% chance of success and anybody that claims that they can is not being upfront with you. What is a fact, though, is that franchise businesses enjoy a 10 year success rate of about 90% compared to a 10 year success rate of about 15% for individual start-ups according to statistics compiled from the U.S. Department of Commerce/Industry and Trade Administration and Future Small Business in America. These statistics are quite impressive and while statistics are no guarantee of results, they are an indication of the benefits of owning a franchise. Now, also keep in mind that these numbers reflect an overall success rate and, as such, do not necessarily take into consideration how much higher that rate may have been had the candidates been working with someone who could present them with options that more accurately aligned with their interests, qualifications and goals.

Whether you're first seriously considering entering the world of franchise ownership, or, you're already a seasoned franchisee looking for a new opportunity, Franchise Buyer's Source will work diligently and in a professional manner to assist you in finding the franchise that's aligned with your goals and visions of the future.

About the Consultant

Mark Siegel, Franchise Buyer's Source Consultant

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Siegel and I'm the owner of Franchise Buyer's Source.

I've been in the business world for 35 years and been involved with franchising, real estate, property management, publicly and privately held businesses, investments and private placements.

During that time, my experiences have helped me gain the wealth of knowledge and insight that I'll be using to help you find franchise opportunities that are right for you.


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